Our Products

Our candles:

1 - They are made with fragrances guaranteed to be free of CMR (carcinogenic - mutagenic and reproductive toxic substances), therefore they are as pure as possible.

2 - We carefully select and test each of the ingredients in our candles to allow you to have the most exclusive experience while enjoying our products.

3 - The wicks we use are 100% natural, made from finely interwoven threads of cotton and linen, so as to guarantee a clean burn throughout the life of the candle.

4 - The wax is 100% natural. We do not use paraffin and mineral waxes and the final weight of the candle is net, just wax + fragrance. The watercraft does not count.

5 - Each one of our candles is handmade and it is impossible to have or find 2 identical candles, so every product we offer is absolutely unique.

6 - Every single thing you now see and experience has been exhaustively tested for months and designed to give you the most luxurious experience.

7 - Every single customer who trusts us is special and deserves not only to have a candle, but also to have a real experience. You are special, you deserve this experience and we are sure it will exceed your expectations.